Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I file a claim?
    When a breakdown occurs, you may bring your vehicle to any Dealership or repair shop, with an ASE certified mechanic, of your choice. Ideal Auto Protect will take it from there! We speak directly with your shop and pay directly to the shop. Roadside assistance and rental car is included with all of our protection plans.
  • Will my dealer accept iDeal Auto Protect?
    Yes. The majority of Dealerships revenue comes from their repair center. Ideal Auto protect maintains a great relationship with all repair shops. Because we pay directly to the shop for any claims, repair shops are inclined to accept our service and payment.
  • Can I cancel my protection plan?
    We are certain you will love our service. But for any reason you would like to cancel your protection plan; you may cancel within 30 days of your purchase for a FULL refund. After 30 days you will receive a pro-rated refund for any unused portion of your protection plan.
  • Can I transfer my policy to a new owner or vehicle?
    If you decide to sell your vehicle, the coverage can be transferred with NO FEE to the new owner. An excellent sell incentive.

    If you chose to purchase a new vehicle and traded in or sold your current vehicle, call to speak with a representative to see if any unused portion of your protection can be transferred to the new vehicle protection plan.

  • Are there discounts?
    YES! Be sure to mention if you or your household already has roadside assistance, AAA, or any military experience. We appreciate you & your vehicle and will do our very best for you!
  • Does my coverage include 24/7 roadside assistance?
    Towing, rental car, lock out, dead battery, emergency out of gas & trip interruption is included with all of our protection plans. Please call us at any time for easy and immediate customer service. We will be happy to help you!
  • What does my protection plan pay for?
    Ideal auto protection plans pay for PARTS, LABOR & ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE for any covered repair.
  • Do I really need a protection plan?
    Being a vehicle owner can be costly. Repairs are extremely expensive and unfortunate. An Ideal Auto protection takes your headaches away with our quick and efficient customer service team. One repair with our protection can easily save a customer thousands of dollars. It is advised and in some ways required to have protection.
  • What is the difference between an extended auto warranty and a vehicle service contract or protection plan?
    A “warranty” comes with a vehicle purchase and is included in the original vehicle price which provides specified coverage for the repair of the vehicle within a given period of time.

    Manufacturers do not provide an extension of these warranty terms. However, car dealers and companies like Ideal Auto Protect sell “vehicle service contracts” or “protection plans” which are similar in purpose to the manufacturer’s warranty in that they cover repair costs for specific components of the vehicle after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

    Ideal Auto Protect’s coverage plans assures that parts, labor, and sales tax if specified in the extended warranty) required for replacement or repair of covered parts in your vehicle will be paid on your behalf by the administrator of your Extended Service Program.


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